The Accelerated Impact

Clarity of Direction


Identify a defined path to success minus the distractions.

Higher Engagement


Experience deeper levels of ownership and connection with personal values. 

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Accelerated Results


Accelerate, and level up, the achievement of organizational and personal goals.

Accelerated Impact Leadership Coaching


The ROI of Coaching

Coaching results in increased productivity and engagement. A thought provoking process that engages individuals to pursue creative ideas and solutions, based on a global client survey by the International Coach Federation, coaching has resulted in improved work performance for 70% of clients, and greater confidence for 80% of clients.  86% of organizations investing in coaching for their employees gain back their initial investment and more. 

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Hannah D., Head of Business Development, GCC Global Law Firm


Before coaching I had hit a roadblock in life and didn’t know how to navigate through my options. I had to make some big decisions both professionally and personally which would have a significant impact on mine and my family’s future. I needed to work through all the options in a strategic way with someone who could help guide me with an aerial view. 

Working with Afsheen was an absolute delight. Our sessions had huge impact in a very short amount of time. I felt as though I could open up on a professional and very personal level. The biggest benefit I found working with Afsheen is that she combines both her excellent corporate experience with strong intuition. She is a natural coach and can flex her style as appropriate to get the biggest impact. 

Rabee E., Area Director, Emerging Markets BMC Software


Before I began coaching I had many questions around the way I should direct my career. I felt a mix of frustration, anger and lack of trust all combined and I wanted to make pragmatic and balanced choices for myself and my career.

Coaching was for me a way to get a compass to know where to focus my priorities mainly at 2 levels: downstream (with my team) and upstream (with my management).

Coaching with Afsheen was wonderful! It helped me ask the right questions initially and slowly but surely start executing and getting results in a short period of time. Some tangible results were - higher confidence in myself and my strengths, testing my environment and starting to get better view on my future. An indirect result was definitely to navigate upcoming conflict in my organization.

In addition, I began to have a structure in my mind to help me understand my key stakeholders. Coaching also supported me in continuing to deliver business results through some key business events, including the acquisition of my company and the departure of 2 team members. 

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